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Licensed Funeral Professional & Educator

Shawna Rodabaugh attended Wayne State University’s Mortuary Science Program, graduating in 2003, and has spent 22 years in the industry. She has held licenses in Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina.

Positions in the funeral industry include director, manager, embalmer, anatomical embalmer, faculty, director of anatomical labs, director of anatomy and embalming, consultant, expert witness, director of curriculum, service embalmer, medical embalming instructor, author and anatomical dissector.

Publications include a contributing authorship to:

  1. Embalming, History, Theory and Practice, McGraw Hill

  2. Do I Have to Wear Black, Pagan funeral rites

Authorship of:

  1. Embalming, 16-unit lab manual, Kendall-Hunt

  2. Holden’s Story, MFDA Magazine

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