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kari northey

Licensed Funeral Professional & Educator

I have been a licensed funeral director for 19 years and have worked in the funeral business for 27 years. It is truly a passion for me. In my 19 years, I have freelanced at multiple locations and have been the on-site director at three funeral homes. I have gained a unique perspective of the business through my work in several communities and through these different businesses. Funeral homes use varying levels of technology, personalization, and social media. I have seen so many ways to maneuver through the funeral process, from removals, embalming practices, paperwork, prep work, arrangements, staffing, and aftercare.

I want to help funeral directors give a better customer experience to the families they serve. I want to help educate consumers about the different areas of the funeral business. I want to help those with a passion for the business get pointed in the right direction towards working in the business or to mortuary school. I acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mortuary Science. I am licensed as a funeral director and embalmer in the state of Michigan.

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