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Christi moon robbins

Licensed Funeral Professional &

Family Cremation Coordinator

Christi began attending John A. Gupton Mortuary College in Nashville, TN in August of 2007 and graduated in December of 2008. After mortuary college, Christi left her home in West Tennessee and move to East Tennessee to begin serving her apprenticeship and start her funeral career.

She has been working as a dually licensed funeral director/embalmer in Knoxville, TN for the last 13 years. She worked previously for Stewart Enterprises, SCI and family-owned firms and has experience in funeral home/cemetery management and monument/marker sales.

In 2018 she was hired by The Independent Funeral Group and East Tennessee Cremation Company as a crematory operator and became a Certified Crematory Operator at that time. Christi has performed more than 7,000 cremations during her time there, while also working as the Members Relations Liasson for The Independent Funeral Group.
Christi is now transitioning into her role at East Tennessee Cremation Company as the Family Cremation Coordinator at the Family Cremation Center where she will be performing cremations for families that wish to witness the cremation of their loved one.

“As a deathcare professional, I thought I knew enough about cremation to speak with families about it. It wasn’t until I became a practicing cremationist did I realize I knew very little about the entire process. I’m hoping through the experience I’ve gained, together with the experience of our team here at East Tennessee Cremation Company, to be able to better explain the “whys” of the trade of cremation to our fellow deathcare colleagues, so when presented with a question from a cremation family, they are better able to answer it.”

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