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About continuing vision

Continuing Vision was created in 2006 by Jeff Holcomb, a New York licensed funeral director with 43 years experience, whose mission was to bring quality and affordable continuing education to funeral directors in New York and New Jersey. His mission since then has grown to now include several other states with more on the way. 

Today, Jeff continues the journey with hopes of being able to provide a platform for funeral professionals nationwide where they are able to fulfill license requirements and learn helpful information to better serve the families in their communities. 

Continuing Vision is the place where funeral professionals can find the resources and tools needed to feel seen, heard, included, and understood. This is for the ones who often miss out on conventions and seminars because they have to stay back and man the ship. This is for the ones who are looking for innovative topics that address their interests. This is for the ones in the trenches and the ones who hear what families are wanting everyday. From those who  are seasoned professionals to those who are currently enrolled in mortuary school...

Continuing Vision is for you!


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To provide those of the funeral profession with quality continuing education courses to earn state approved credit for renewal. Added with the convenience of registering online and verification of attendance just an email away, we aim to make earning your CE credits as easy as possible. We are inclusive to ALL funeral professionals and will always be a safe place for those within the profession.


To elevate the standards of continuing education within the funeral profession. We aim to provide helpful courses, resources, and mentorship to those who strive for continuous excellence within their field. To constantly bring new and refreshing content that both excites and fuels the passion within. 

Purple Skies

a touch of purple

We've made a few changes to the website!


If you've been to any of our seminars then you may have seen hints of the color purple sprinkled throughout. This has become a signature color to Continuing Vision through its founder, Jeff Holcomb, who can also be seen wearing a purple shirt to all events. 


The color purple is commonly associated with royalty, but it can also be associated with ambition, creativity, dignity, understanding, compassion, support, and devotion.  These words can easily be used to describe funeral professionals so we wanted to incorporate purple into our website to better reflect those who continue to serve families throughout their difficult journey with loss. 


Incorporating purple is also to honor Jeff's late son, Brian Holcomb, who passed away on July 1, 2022 after a battle with cancer. Brian worked alongside his dad as a funeral director. A scholarship has been created in his name to help future Arapahoe Community College Mortuary Science Students afford to take the steps into this wonderful profession. 


death is no stranger to us. we all have felt its touch, but you continue to show up. 


thank you, 

continuing vision, llc

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